The Project

Meet Xiaowu, a factory worker making Apple products in Shenzhen, China. MADE: meet at the end of the assembly line is an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) documentary connecting everyday consumers to the factory workers who assemble the products they know and love. In this choose-your-own-adventure journey, you develop a relationship with Xiaowu. No longer backseat observers, you plunge into Xiaowu’s life, learning about her family, work, and inner thoughts.

MADE seeks to push the boundaries of storytelling by incorporating elements of interactivity, game play and immersion through VR in order to create a sense of intimacy between you as a consumer and the factory workers who assemble your products. By asking a series of questions, we create a unique profile for each user as we lead them on a personalized narrative journey with Xiao Wu.

MADE VR premiered in Hong Kong at Eaton House in December 2020 and had its international premiere at the Game for Change Festival in New York City in July 2022.

This project highlights the humanity of migrant factory workers and empowers our viewers to make better consumer choices.

The Team

MADE consists of a diverse global team of creators, educators, and radical thinkers. As a team, our hope is to humanize factory workers, advocate for a more equitable supply chain and join the global movement for living wage.

Han Yan is a documentary director/ producer specializing in films on social issues and activism.

Han Yan Yuen

Sharon is a Hong Kong filmmaker who creates immersive experiences in technology, installations, and theatre.

Sharon Yeung

Animorph makes software that enhances human potential. Specializing in Extended Reality.

Animorph Co-operative

Étienne is a multidisciplinary artist and designer.

Étienne Després

Janette specializes in facilitating diversity workshops that use storytelling for social change.

Janette Chien

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