Write Your Brand


As your current customer, I am writing to express my strong concern for the livelihood of factory workers who assemble the electronics we use on a daily basis.

What are you doing to ensure the safety and livelihood of factory workers in your supply chain? Factory workers are already paid little and have no safety net to fall back on. I call on you, as a major brand in electronics, to do your part in supporting your workers through the following:

- Ensure all of your workers are paid a living wage.

- Ensure that your factories are addressing key risks for workers in your supply chains, and protecting workers' safety, including receiving safety training and PPE.

- Develop monitoring methodologies sensitive to the risks to workers.

Doing this would improve the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people who make our electronics every day. I want to continue to buy your products, knowing that they come from an ethical place.


Call on brands to step up and protect ALL of their workers.

These brands are not only responsible for their direct employees, but also for the safety and livelihood of every single worker in their global supply chain. Use your voice to demand change, and hold your brand accountable.


Think before you buy.

Consider asking yourself:
Do I need this product?
Will I use this long term and on a regular basis?
What is the impact of this product on my life, community, and environment locally and globally?

Do your research.

There are many resources available for consumers to learn how brands rank for ethical and sustainability practices. Here are some below for you to explore:

Shop local, refurbished, and secondhand.

Before you toss away a product, consider if it can be refurbished, re-used, and/or recycled. The longer the lifecycle of a product, the less waste and impact there will be on our environment.

Ask hard questions.

Reach out and ask your favorite brands: 

  • What efforts have you made to ensure that your factory workers are paid a living wage? 
  • Where can I access information about your supply chain?
  • What policies do you have in place to stop exploitative practices? How are they monitored and what steps are taken if your suppliers violate these policies?