If you’re ordering me an edible arrangement to say thanks, I’d prefer a meat one. Ugh, are you listening to me? Because if you’re not, I will put on a wedding dress and jump in front of a subway! Jack Donaghy is gonna kill me and then he’s gonna kill you and then he’s gonna fold us up in a pizza and eat us. Well, that would only be a problem if I had any flaws. Blammo, another successful interaction with a man.

Ahhhh! Life is happening. Suck it, monkeys, I’m going corporate. If reality TV has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t keep people with no shame down. That’s what you use the jars for? You told me that was sun tea. Cause living a lie will eat you up inside. Like that parasite I got from eating sushi on Amtrak.

March 18 @ 23:35
23:35 — 00:10 (35′)